St. Mary's County Camera Club had its first meeting on November 2nd, 1998 in St. Mary's City Maryland. The club's purpose is to "...promote photography as a hobby, providing a forum for exchanging knowledge of the subject and inspiring amateur photographers toward improving their art."

NEW MEETING SCHEDULE: We will meet Wednesdays in June 2019, Thursdays in July 2019 and thereafter, as follows:

First Week: Lecture or workshop at the Pax River Naval Air Museum in the back building conference room, at 7PM.
Second Week: Photo critique or competition at the Pax River Naval Air Museum in the back building conference room, at 7PM.

Check the Upcoming Events column for details and any date or location changes.

Annual membership dues are $25 per individual, or $30 family. Membership is required for participation in competition and elections. Visitors are welcome at all meetings.

May 29th 2019: NO MEETING.


Location: CORRECTION, Pax River Naval Air Museum, back building conference room.

The best way to learn and get your creative juices flowing is by getting behind your camera. At this meeting we will experiment with filter effects (star filters and items you may not have thought to shoot through before) and long exposure (creating ghosts, zoom/blur, and perhaps a bit of light painting). So, bring your camera, tripod, and your favorite lenses for lots of hands-on fun!

Jun 12th, 2019: 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Location: Pax River Naval Air Museum (back building conference room).

Bring several photos in .jpg format on a memory stick for open, fair discussion, and ideas to improve the shot through cropping and advanced editing methods

Jun 19th, 2019: NO COMPETITION THIS MONTH! See Announcements.

Jun 26th 2018: NO MEETING

(posted May 27th, 2019)

At a board meeting on April 22nd, we agreed on cutting back our meeting schedule. These changes will be effective immediately:

• TWO meetings per month! First week program, second week critique or competition.
• Competition every OTHER month. So, no competion in June, next one in July.
• Starting in July, we will meet on THURSDAYS, by popular vote.
• For now, we'll meet at the Pax River Naval Air Museum. With the change to Thursdays, we'll again attempt to schedule the Fairgrounds - keep in touch for the latest info.

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Updated May 27th, 2019