St. Mary's County Camera Club had its first meeting on November 2nd, 1998 in St. Mary's City Maryland. The club's purpose is to "...promote photography as a hobby, providing a forum for exchanging knowledge of the subject and inspiring amateur photographers toward improving their art."

We normally meet Wednesdays as follows:

• First Wednesday: Lecture or workshop at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, at 7PM.
• Second Wednesday: Photo critique at the Pax River Naval Air Museum in the back building, at 7PM.
• Third Wednesday: Competition at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, at 7PM.

Here's a map to the Higher Education Center, with the rooms we most often use. A map to the County Fairgrounds will be provided before the Dec 5th 2018 meeting.

Annual membership dues are $25 per individual, or $30 family. Membership is required for participation in competition and elections. Visitors are welcome at all meetings.

CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!: Dec 5th 2018, 7 PM,

Location: County Fairgrounds, Leonardtown, in Tolerance Hall.

Details: Jim and Joanna's Slideshow Travelog about Mexico. The show is about 25 minutes long, fast-paced, informative, and accompanied with great Mexican music. The rest of the time will be spent sharing memories and photos which you may bring on a memory stick, socializing, and having FUN! The Club will provide pizza and drinks. We MUST have RSVPs to determine how much to buy! Please pass the word to former members.

Directions: If on Route 5, turn east on Fairgrounds Road, at the light. In 0.2 miles turn right into the fairgrounds. USE THE ENTRANCE THAT GOES IN BETWEEN TWO ROWS OF BUILDINGS. Tolerance Hall is about 420 feet on the left.

If on 235, turn West on St Andrews Church Road (Route 4), In 3.8 miles, turn left on Fairgrounds Road. In 2.0 miles, turn left in between two rows of buildings. Tolerance Hall is about 420 feet on the left.


Location: Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, building 2, room TBA.

This will include all entries which received honors (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) in any of 2018's monthly competitions. In the case of the digital entries, we already have them in the club's computer, so you don't have to do anything. But in the case of print competition winners, you will be responsible for bringing them in!

Dec 19th 2018, 7 PM: NO MEETING

Dec 26th 2018, 7 PM: NO MEETING

POSSIBLE NEW MEETING PLACE! (posted Oct 23rd, 2018)

The St. Mary's County Fair commissioners have offered us the use of Tolerance Hall at the fairgrounds for our meetings, FOR FREE! This is because the club has officiated the Photography Division at the County Fair for some years, and they really appreciate our doing that. We currently pay about $25 per meeting at the two venues we use, so this would be a huge savings, and allow us to improve our programs. However, we may decide to make a donation to the fairgrounds in return.

At this time, we can't guarantee that we'll always have the Wednesdays we usually meet - that will have to be discussed. The room is more than ample sized for our needs, and is heated and air conditioned. We don't know yet whether they have a projector we can use, or whether we'll have to buy one. If anyone has a lead on a good used digital projector, please let us know!

Please comment on any other concerns you may have about this idea by contacting a board member or with Facebook.

FOLLOWUP (Nov 25th 2018): They do have an old projector, don't know if it's usable. We are going to meet there on Dec 5th, as a trial to see how it works out. See Upcoming Events.

FOLLOWUP #2 (Dec 7th, 2018): We were very pleased with the room when we met on Dec 5th, and want to discuss with the fairgrounds management the possibility of making it our permanent meeting place. The room is larger than we would ever need, has plenty of chairs and tables, and a stage about 16" high. There are plenty of outlets at the back of the stage, and the room was only slightly cool. Restrooms are convenient inside the building. The projection screen is a little on the small side, but the club owns a big one, currently stored at the Naval Air Museum. Parking inside the fairgrounds was easy, no need to park in the big lot. The only issues are the projector, whether to buy one or try to use theirs. If we buy one, would it be possible to store it there? If they would allow us to keep a locked file cabinet in their storage room, we could easily do that. All these questions will be addressed soon!

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