Entering Competitions

SMCCC Competitions are conducted strictly in accordance with a set of rules last modified in 2012. It behooves all members considering entering competitions to read the rules carefully. For instance, digital entries must be named properly and submitted early to be entered. At each competition, there is a general category for each skill level, plus a single themed category open to all skill levels. These and other important details can be found in the rules.

Competition Rules Are Here!

2020 Competition Themes

Below are descriptions for each of the themes for our monthly competitions in 2018.  These are just guidelines to get your creative juices flowing.  In general, the theme competition will be judged based on a combination of technical merit, composition, creativity, originality, and how well the image relates to the theme.  Keep in mind that each judge may have their own interpretation of the theme and how well an image portrays that theme.  

Note that every other month is designated a "Facebook Challenge", where anyone can post their themed photos on the Club's Facebook page, and all are welcome to critique the photos.

January: Shadows
February: Facebook Challenge: Time Lapse
March: Bi/Tri/Motor-Cycles
April: Facebook Challenge: Time
May: Beyond the Expiration Date
June: Facebook Challenge: By the Water
July: Flowers
August: Facebook Challenge: Abstract
September: (No competition, County Fair. The county fair is this month. Remember to submit photos to the fair's photography competition on Wed Sep 16th, 2020.)
October: Facebook Challenge: A Monochrome World
November: End of Year Competition
December: (No Competition)

Submit your photos by email to competition@smccc.org

Don't forget to check out the Competition Rules!

Updated Jan 14th, 2020