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SMCCC Previous Announcements

2016-07-27: August Competition Winners

2016-07-27: July Competition Winners

2016-06-15: June Competition Winners

2016-05-18: May Competition Winners

2016-05-18: April Competition Winners

Program presented on 6 April:

Pricing for Profit
Presented by Danny Douglas

2016-03-16: March Competition Winners

2016-03-02: Digital Photography 101 Notes

2016-02-18: February Competition Winners

Program presented on 3 February:

Underwater Photography
Presented by Paul Lenharr and Ryan DeGruy
Paul Lenharr's Portfolio
Ryan DeGruy's Portfolio
Southern Maryland Divers, LLC

2016-01-20: January Competition Winners

2015-11-16: End Of the Year Competition Winners

2015-10-21: October Competition Winners

2015-09-16: September Competition Winners

2015-08-19: August Competition Winners

2015-07-22: July Competition Winners

2015-06-17: June Competition Winners

Program presented on 3 June:

The Beauty and Challenge of Landscape Photography
Presented by Alan Sislen
Website: http://www.AlanSislenPhotography.com

2015-05-20: May Competition Winners

2015-04-15: April Competition Winners

2013-07-25: Competition Points 2013 (xlsx) Updated

2013-05-30: Brochure Updated. The old brochure can be viewed here.

2013-05-18: Competition Points 2013 (xlsx) Updated

2013-03-21: Competition Points 2013 (xlsx)

2013-01-29: Library Photo Exhibit!

2013-01-29: Digital Photography 101 PDF

2013-01-29: SMCCC Member Photos

2013-01-01: Happy New Year!!!!

2012-12-25: Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!

2012-12-21: Sandy is putting up a Google Calendar for us. Calendar

2012-12-15: 2012 Competition Winners Announced !!! Congratulations !!!

2012-12-14: 2013 Membership Form is online!

2012-10-19: November 7th has a special guest speaker: Randy Hepp. Randy Hepp is a widely experienced professional photographer whose career culminated in a position as a renowned US Navy Flight Test Photographer. Since being given his first camera by his brother in 1966, Randy has practiced professional photography for weddings, baseball, products, portraits, sports, fashion, events, news and aircraft flight test. He has flown in more than 32 different types of aircraft from his first, the UH1B, to the F18-F and accumulated more than 4700 flight hours, with over 1200 hours in F18's. He has also taken 56 aircraft carrier traps, been aboard 17 different US Navy ships and 2 foreign aircraft carriers. Some of his most memorable photo assignments include photographing President Ford, the CEO of McDonnell Douglas, the wedding of a Navy Test pilot and Astronaut, the first female Test Pilot, the first flight of the F-18 aircraft and several other firsts for F-18 formation flights, and the first landing of the JSF here at Patuxent River NAS. See his BIO.

2012-10-04: Last night's presentation file: Digital Black and White (PDF).

2012-08-24: Competition themes for 2013 are now decided: 2013 Competition Themes.

2012-08-17: 2013 Board Election Results:
  President: B J Ramsay
  Vice-President: Emily Baldwin
  Programs: Mackenzie Karn
  Competition: Stefie Bartley
  Membership/Treasurer: Sandy Robbins
  Publicity/Outings: George Taylor
  Workshops: B J Ramsay

2012-06-20: Tonight's meeting will be at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum.

2012-03-28: Tonight's meeting will be at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum.

2012-03-12: Check the Meeting Locations. This month's workshop will be at SMHEC, not the Lex. Pk. Library.

2012-02-16: Competition rules (xlsx) are online. Let Theresa know if you need a different format.

2012-02-15: The email address for St. Mary's County Fair Chairman - Al - is: fair@smccc.org. Two of the photo categories are likely changing. Details coming soon!

2012-02-07: This month's outing may be changing. Please come to the meeting for details.

2012-01-18: Flickr link updated to this year's gallery.

2012-01-12: 2012 Competition Rules posted.

2012-01-10: Blackward Photoshoot Detailed Information

2011-12-29: Sandy Robbins will be collecting dues at the Jan. 4th meeting ($20). Dues must be paid by the Sunday before the competition to enter it. Contact her if you need to pay dues outside the meeting venue.

2011-12-29: January 4th meeting will be at the Lexington Park Library.

2011-12-29: The outing to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge has been changed from Saturday, January 7, to the following Saturday - January 14. Last year, some folks went over the night before and stayed at a hotel near the Refuge. Others drove over and met up with them before sunrise Saturday morning. More details to come on timing, etc.

2011-12-15: The Southern Maryland Higher Education Center will no longer provide a free room. Meeting locations are likely to change dynamically. Check the website for locations.