The St. Mary's County Camera Club (SMCCC) had its first meeting on November 2nd, 1998 in St. Mary's City Maryland. The club's purpose is to "...promote photography as a hobby, providing a forum for exchanging knowledge of the subject and inspiring amateur photographers toward improving their art."

We are now a "Special Interest Group"
of the Coastal Camera Club of Lewes Delaware

As such, we retain the organization name "St. Mary's County Camera Club" and continue to hold our own meetings, presentations, critiques and competitions.

Prospective members will be required to join the Coastal Camera Club (CCC) in order to establish membership in SMCCC. No other fees after CCC's dues will be collected, except for some special CCC events.

To join CCC, members should also join the "Southern Maryland Critique Special Interest Group (CCC's designation for SMCCC), in order to continue to meet via CCC's Zoom account.

These actions have been taken to enable SMCCC to continue meeting during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to enjoy all of the additional benefits of outstanding speakers, competitions and other special interest groups that the Coastal Camera Club offers.

To learn more, please visit
https://www.coastalcameraclub.com/activities/special-interest-groups. Scroll down to the SOMD Critique SIG heading for more information.

Any further information about SMCCC may be obtained by contacting smccc1998@gmail.com.


Most CCC events occur on 2nd and fourth Wednesday evenings, and SMCCC usually meets on the first and second Thursdays at 7PM. Detailed information about SMCCC activities appear in our Events column on this page.

SMCCC will normally meet via Zoom Thursdays as follows:

First Thursday of the Month:

Photo critique via Zoom at 7PM.

Alternating Second Thursday of the month:

Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Oct, Nov: Competition via Zoom, at 7PM.

Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep: Presentation via Zoom at 7PM.

Sep 14-18: St. Mary's County Fair.

Check the Upcoming Events column for details and any date or location changes.


Required to participate in Coastal Camera Club competitions, bi-monthly special interest group competitions, and activities and events.

Individual: $40

Family: $50

Age 14-17: Free

Guests may come to Zoom meetings two times at no charge. CCC events may have a small entry fee.

Please mouse over the events below for explanations.

Thu Thu 1/6/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 1/13/22, 7 PM: COMPETITION "Backlit"

Thu 2/3/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 2/10/22, 7 PM: PRESENTATION: "Cleaning Your Sensor", by John Hoyt of the Coastal Camera Club

February Facebook Challenge: "Panning"

Thu 3/3/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 3/10/22, 7 PM: COMPETITION: "Nature"

Thu 4/7/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 4/14/22, 7 PM: PRESENTATION: "Taking and Stitching Panoramas"

April Facebook Challenge: "Travel"

Thu 5/5/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 5/12/22, 7 PM: COMPETITION: "Reflections"

Thu 6/2/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 6/9/22, 7 PM: PRESENTATION: "Street Photography", by Wayne Thomas

June Facebook Challenge: "Off Camera Flash"

Thu 7/7/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 7/14/22, 7 PM: COMPETITION: "City Scape" CANCELLED

Thu 8/4/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 8/11/22, 7 PM: PRESENTATION: "Our Travel Slides", by Scott Cote

August Facebook Challenge: "Flowers"

Thu 9/1/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 9/8/22, 7 PM: PRESENTATION: "Water Drop Photography", by John Whitmore

Wed 9/21/22 - Sun 9/25/22: ST MARY'S COUNTY FAIR

Thu 10/6/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE

Thu 10/13/22, 7 PM: COMPETITION: "A Tree" (moved to Nov 3rd)

> Thu 11/3/22, 7 PM: CRITIQUE


Thu 12/1/22, 7 PM: Holiday Gathering, if it is deemed safe.



Until further notice, we will hold our meetings with ZOOM, an app made for video conferencing. Following is the process:

In order to join a Zoom meeting you must first join the Coastal Camera Club by paying membership dues at:


Once CCC membership is verified, you will be sent an email with the Zoom meeting link.

Then contact SMCCC to request joining the CCC SOMD Critique Special Interest Group by sending an email to:


Click on the link we'll provide. If you haven't used Zoom before you will be taken to a site where you can download software. The meeting should then pop open.

SMCCC meetings will begin at 7:00.
CCC meeting times vary - check the CCC Events list at:


We suggest that you join the meeting a few minutes early.

When the Zoom window opens on your PC, there should be a control bar for Zoom on the lower edge of the screen. In the left corner is a picture of a microphone, if you click on that you can unmute your microphone. Please mute yourself as with a number of people online there could be significant noise. Obviously if you have a question or comment you can unmute to speak. Please be polite when trying to speak as it is pretty easy for us to talk over one another, and that doesn't work as well online as it does in a face to face meeting.

Updated Nov 13th, 2022